This game is based in layer of hell known as Limbo! While making this game we decided to focus on the theme of "Opportunity" and "Equality!"   Looking at our current situation, it is apparent that despite everyone being equal some of us are not treated as such. Keeping this is in mind, we've made a game where it allows the opportunity to help those that are being treated unfairly. Through our game mechanics it is apparent that one character has a lot more of advantages than the other. It is up to the player with these privileges to help the other player escape hell or escape it alone.  We hope to promote the idea of helping others, especially those who have more opportunities than others. Our main goal for this game jam was to express: You can use opportunities to achieve equality. Opportunity in this case can mean simply working together or helping someone. If we continue on with this mindset, hopefully we'll be able to achieve equality for all no matter the color of your character. 

Programming: Edilio Vera, Rodrigo Okamoto
Art: Valeria Trevino, Jake Nguyen 
Music: Elian Sweeten 


Sympathy for the Skull - Windows Build 26 MB

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